by Justin

Makaha Beach Park is lcoated near the end of Farrington Highway, but before Makaua and Kaena point. Just like the north shore, this beach is fairly calm during all months except for the winter. Many people enjoy swimming, snorkeling and lounging on the beach during the non-winter months. There are few photography opportunities like surfers during the winter, a long sandy beach and some complementary features to the beach like the palm trees and rugged rocks.

Makaha Beach and Surfers

During the winter swells, this beach can be an excellent location to photograph surfers in action. As always try to look for different angles, than looking directly at the waves. Move to the side and try to get a new angle and a new background. In order to take this shot, you should have your best telephoto lens and a tripod.

The beach in itself is very photogenic, but in order to take your snap shot to a photograph, learn to incorporate additional items and colors into your shot. Take a walk back from the beach and incorporate the palm trees or get up close to some of the jagged rocks on the ocean. All these items can add more drama and color to your white sandy beach and blue ocean water.

Waianae Mountain Range Background

Makaha Beach is located just a short walk away from a towering mountain. Although this mountain is not often used as a photography subject, it can make for a great addition to the background of your photograph. Position your frame such that you have the mountain included in the background, which creates additional depth and detail for your photograph.

Best Time to Shoot

The best time to shoot is at sunset and the hour after sunset.

Local Tips

Please do not leave valuables in your car.

How do I get there?

Address: 84-369 Farrington Hwy, Waiʻanae, HI 96792

From the airport:

    • Head West on the H1 for 17.2 miles.
    • You will reach the end of the highway, which will turn into Farrington Highway
    • Head on Farrington Highway for 13.9 miles.
    • The beach will be on your left.
    • Parking = Free!