Learn how to take great Hawai‘i Photographs

This website and the book, Explore O‘ahu through Landscape Photography, are designed to teach you everything you need to know to take beautiful and memorable Hawai‘i Photographs.

  • Spots: Learn how to navigate the most photogenic spots in Hawai‘i.
  • Photography Technique: Learn all the technical skills you need to use your camera.
  • Photography Software: Learn how to take your raw photographs and transform them into ready to print photographs.
  • Photograph Printing: Learn how to take your photographs from the screen to print.
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Photo Editing Services

A Picture of Hawai‘i also provides Photoshop Services. I can take the RAW photographs and photoshop your photographs to fit your needs. The cost for this service is negotiated with each customer on an hourly basis. Email Justin for Photo Editing Services

  • Adobe Photoshop: I have a plethora of techniques that I can use to transform your photograph from RAW to ready to print.
  • HDR Services: I can combine multiple exposures for you to create an HDR photograph.
  • Content Aware: I will remove unwanted and distracting objects from your photograph.
  • Exposure: I cannot save a photograph that has been improperly exposed, but I can take a photograph and use exposure compensation to brighten/darken certain areas of an image.
  • Saturation: I can adjust the saturation for certain areas that may appear washed out or too saturated.
  • Much More: If you have a specific issue, please let me know via email. See the footer for my email address.

Hawai‘i Landscape Gallery

Finally, A Picture of Hawai‘i provides a rotating landscape gallery of the most photogenic spots in Hawai‘i. I am constantly adding new photographs, so please follow me on Instagram at A PICTURE OF HAWAI‘I. Email Justin for a Custom Print

  • Spots: The gallery includes photographs from all over the island, if you have a specific spot in mind, please email me.
  • Prints: The prints are currently being offered in Metal and Canvas. If you have a custom material, then please email me and I can work on printing you a specific type of print.
  • Shipping: Shipping in the United States is included in the prices shown on the gallery, if you are located outside of the USA, then additional shipping costs will be required to be paid by the customer. Shipping also takes roughly 1 week.
  • Mounting: The mounts are float mounts, where the photograph appears to be floating on the wall. Frames are available as an added option upon request.
  • Sizes: The sizes come in Small [11 H x 17 W], Medium[16 H x 24 W]and Large [24 H x 36 W]
  • Custom: If you have a photograph that you want printed that isn't on the gallery then please email me. Also if you need a special size, mount, type of print or any other questions, please feel free to email me, apictureofhawaii@gmail.com


About Me

Justin Kauwale

Justin Kauwale

Creator of A Picture of Hawai‘i

I have lived on O‘ahu for my entire life, except for the 4 years when I went to an engineering college. As an engineer, I am a very logical and systematic person, who sometimes gets caught up in the gear, the "rules" and the "formulas" of photography. On the positive side, this type of logic allows me to easily explain the technical portions of photography. Each week, I can be found at some site on O‘ahu taking photographs during sunrise or sunset. Follow my instagram, , to find out the latest spots or go to Join, in order to Join the mailing list to get the latest news and upcoming photo walks.

Sharing the best photography spots in Hawai‘i and teaching the necessary photography skills to capture Hawai‘i's beauty in a picture.